Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Items Completed

As usual I have a few more finished items to share! This first one is a sweet little necklace. The pattern can be found at Little Flower Necklace

Next is a CAL - Crochet-A-Long we all did on one of my Yahoo groups. The doily is wonderful and can be made as large or as small as you want it but just adding more and more pineapples. I did it in a varigated cotton thread that blues, greens and purples running through it. I am very proud of it! You can find the pattern at Pistilli Pineapple UPDATE: 09/21/2012 - Link is no longer valid. However the Wayback machine still shows it here: Wayback Machine Pistilli.

Next is a little wicker and wire basket I picked up at one of the thrift shops. The wire was loosing some of it's coloring, so I looked at it for a bit and said mmm paint it or just crochet a little liner and crochet around the hearts! I think it came out really nice for an on the fly thing with no pattern! There are two views so you can see it from the top and the front!

Next is a scarf I made. I did it up with this brushed yarn in two shades of blue, white and a soft gold varigated. I think it came out pretty. You can find the pattern here at Windowpane Scarf The nicest thing about this is you can make it skinny or wide - just add rows in the middle!

And finally on one of my Crochet groups on Yahoo - the owner asked us to post a picture of our craft room, or part of our stash of yarn! Since I have three places for it in the house, no true room - even though I should do that someday.....I took out some of the drawers and bags and my picnic box of scraps and snapped a picture of it! Just thought I'd share it with all the other stuff - made me laugh for sure. This is only about a third of what I have in the house!


Anonymous said...

beautiful job as always! love what you did with the basket!!

Martha said...

*I love the yarn room (baskets and such) picture, great idea! You could easily take over a full house I bet with all your supplies.
I love that basket, you did that up nicely! Very creative idea!
Also, the necklace is precious!
Keep up the good work.
I love you.