Friday, July 29, 2011

Update on Basket Blanket and Sophia!

Hi all! I've got lots of projects in process at the moment, but not a lot to share that are finished. But I wanted to take a minute and share an updated photo of the process for the basket blanket. This is being made for a friend and will be a lap sized afghan. I am working it in Delft Blue and Soft White both from Red Heart Yarn. I have used two skeins so far of the Delft Blue and it measures approximately 22" so far. The next two pictures are of the afghan as it is right now. I placed a yardstick on it so you can see how large it is. The second photo shows a close up the stitch!

And my little "puppy", well she is 3 years old, Sophia - got her first professional grooming job done! She is a fluffy fluffy dog - but after this grooming she is sleek other than her tail! She looked a bit funny to me at first but I am getting to used it! It was done at Grooming Taxi in Mosheim, TN. Kathy won a prize for her dogs in the Pet Parade at her work for a free grooming - she used it to get Sophia groomed for me! I think Sophia is happy though - and no more dew on her belly from her morning run in the yard!

I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Various Stuff Completed!

Well Hi again! I have been a busy girl over the past few days and have a lot to share! First are two dishcloths. The first one is a Round Dishcloth - I took a pattern that was made for front post double crochets - left them off and just did as a round dishcloth without those stitches - so there is no pattern for the first one.

The second one is a square dishcloth - I got this in a booklet of patterns from Ravelry. It was a purchased pattern booklet.

I am still working on 12" squares for different exchanges and trying out new patterns. The first picture the square on the left is called "Robbie's Angel" and I added a flower motif to make the center of the square POP! The square on the right is called "Esther's Square" and I found the pattern on line

Next two squares. The one on the left is called Kaleidoscope Blossom and I found it on line. And on the right another Robbie's Angel square with another flower embellishment in the middle

The next square is called Bloomin Lace and I found the pattern on line The yarn I used for the white petals may not have been a good choice - as it looks more like the Sun to me than a flower!

And next is a Butterfly Square - if you look closely the little open sections look like the wings of a butterfly! I also found this pattern on line - it is called Butterfly Square.

I got involved in a chemo hat drive for a designer I like on line. She sells on Etsy and posts on Facebook. Her shop is called RAJK Designs. She makes some lovely hat patterns and various other things. Well I made up a few hats for her chemo hat drive. This was a true blessing to help out in a small way. As of this post she had received 187 hats for the charity! I used just a simple hat pattern and did them up in darker colors in a young boy's size.

Next is a little butterfly bookmark. I found this pattern on line as well. It had a great symbol chart that was wonderfully detailed.

Next is a little walker bag I made for one of the ladies at the nursing home where my sister in law Kathy works. So far I have made a few for the ladies of this nursing home and they are a hit! They are so appreciative of the attention and the personal item just for them.

And last but by no means least is another Jazzie Skinny Scarf - I love this pattern - also free on line. I did this up in a really weird yarn I got. It is called tartan yarn and is blue, red and green in color - but the yarn goes from thread thickness to slightly bulky - it's weird! I pulled from two skeins at once to give it more thickness but it is still very lightweight and airy feeling and looking. I think it came out nice.

That is it for now - thanks for looking and come back soon!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Different items!

Well this is a hodge podge of items today to share!

First are two squares I made up for an exchange. I used the square pattern from Robbie's Angel and then added a simple butterfly motif to each square.

Next is an adorable cat bookmark! I found the pattern at Cat Bookmark

Next is a simple ribbed scarf. I got some Homespun Lion Brand Yarn from a friend and didn't know what to do with it. Went to the Lion Brand site and found this pretty scarf pattern - very simple - that uses the texture of this yarn wonderfully! I am calling it ribbed scarf but that is not what the website called it!

Now onto my garden again! Last year my pink calla lily bloomed - this year it is the white one that bloomed! They look so elegant to me!

And last part of the post for today is the box of gifts I sent to my craft exchange partner Eileen in California! Most of the items I have shared on previous posts. I made her a Cascade scarf in white, a lacy summer scarf in yellow, a easy shells scarf in blue, a jazzie skinny scarf in peach, a folded rose scarf in deep red, two hot hats, a dishcloth, a facial scrubbie and mmmm what else was in that box! Too Funny - she has it now and said she was in scarf heaven! So I am happy that she liked them. The craft tote she made for me is a treasured gift. But to be completely honest this new friend I have found in Eileen is the best gift I could have received from this exchange! The tote is just icing on the cake of friendship!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Multiple Scarves

I think I have a thing for scarves! They work up fast, you don't need a lot of yarn and you can make some of the prettiest designs mixing and matching textures! The first one is a Lacy Summer Scarf. I make it skinnier than the pattern stated. You can find the pattern Lacy Summer Scarf

Next is a diagonal stitch scarf. I love this stitch/pattern as you can make from a scarf to a shawl to a blanket! You just keep increasing till it is the size you want. There is an example of it at Diagonal Stitch Scarf

And this one I am calling a Chenille scarf. I got some yarn from a friend and there were these three little partial balls of Chenille yarn. I didn't have a clue what to do with them. So I sat here and had piles of yarn in my lap looking for colors to go together. I picked this brown and the chenille red in the middle. It's just two rows of double crochets on each side with a sort of odd spike stitch with a row of singles and chains between the spike. I think it came out nice with that pop of red in the middle! I hope my heart sister, Martha, likes it!

Next is a scarf for me finally! This is called the Branching Leaves Scarf. I heard the pattern was removed from Ravelry. I made this one in a lightweight fingering yarn in turquoise, it's soft and scrumptious feeling to the touch. You can see I am still working on it! But I'm so glad I finally got the chart worked out!

This is a round ripple throw. I didn't have enough of two of the colors to do the edging that was recommended so I just left it with the last row. You can find that pattern at Round Ripple Afghan

And last but by no means least! Is my gift from exchange partner, Eileen! Isn't is wonderful! It's a tote bag with a hook/tool holder in the front! I love it. It's big enough to carry a large item or a bunch of small ones. But not overwhelming either in size!

The sewing pattern can be found at Wired Up Designs I am so glad I joined in this exchange and made a new friend in Eileen!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Items Completed

As usual I have a few more finished items to share! This first one is a sweet little necklace. The pattern can be found at Little Flower Necklace

Next is a CAL - Crochet-A-Long we all did on one of my Yahoo groups. The doily is wonderful and can be made as large or as small as you want it but just adding more and more pineapples. I did it in a varigated cotton thread that blues, greens and purples running through it. I am very proud of it! You can find the pattern at Pistilli Pineapple UPDATE: 09/21/2012 - Link is no longer valid. However the Wayback machine still shows it here: Wayback Machine Pistilli.

Next is a little wicker and wire basket I picked up at one of the thrift shops. The wire was loosing some of it's coloring, so I looked at it for a bit and said mmm paint it or just crochet a little liner and crochet around the hearts! I think it came out really nice for an on the fly thing with no pattern! There are two views so you can see it from the top and the front!

Next is a scarf I made. I did it up with this brushed yarn in two shades of blue, white and a soft gold varigated. I think it came out pretty. You can find the pattern here at Windowpane Scarf The nicest thing about this is you can make it skinny or wide - just add rows in the middle!

And finally on one of my Crochet groups on Yahoo - the owner asked us to post a picture of our craft room, or part of our stash of yarn! Since I have three places for it in the house, no true room - even though I should do that someday.....I took out some of the drawers and bags and my picnic box of scraps and snapped a picture of it! Just thought I'd share it with all the other stuff - made me laugh for sure. This is only about a third of what I have in the house!