Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flowers and Bugs!!!

I love seeing the new things that people can make and then I get to play with their creations and create something unique to me!

The template is from Scraps of Enchancement. Please be aware that this blog does have some adult content - it is very tasteful - but I, as others do, appreciate knowing this beforehand. She has some lovely templates as well as very unique and beautiful wordart!

The scrap kit comes from Janni Scrap Designs - it's called Perfectly Pansy.

Thank you ladies for your generosity and beautiful work. I apprecaite it more than a few words on a blog can say!


Monday, August 11, 2008

More Cities of the World - Acapulco, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London and Venice

As always thanks to the generosity of Scrapping 'Til Dawn. I will never be able to thank her for her overwhelming generosity and creativity! These have been fun. So far the ones I am choosing to do are for friends. The layouts shown here show pictures that they took. I have removed the personal pictures that they asked me to remove before posting them on my blog.

The first one is of Acapulco. She goes back every year!


The second on is of Copenhagen. This one was special because my Dad visited here during his time in the Navy. This picture is one from a friend when she visited.


The third one today is of Glasgow. This one was fun too with the picture that a friend took when she visited there years ago. She was thrilled with the layout when I presented it to her.


The fourth one today is of London. This was cool to do as well. The picture is one a friend took years ago.


The fifth and final one for today is of Venice. This was really special to do. The friends took this picture ages and ages ago when they visited and they were so happy to get it done up in a layout that they can keep forever.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Memories - Friends and Relationships

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you all what I made with recently. And I have some sweet sweet people to thank for their lovely shares. I got the graphic on a group I am on called Women for Jesus Who Love PSP! They are the sweetest bunch of women and share from their hearts. And the layout I used is from As the generosity of Lori - here blog is at Doodles By Lori. She shares many many freebies and this particular set comes in some lovely colors. I immediately thought of this graphic when I saw them! Thank you, Lori, from the bottom of my heart your for generosity in sharing your creative talents. I am handicapped and use a wheelchair often (I hardly ever find wheelchair related graphics) and finding this graphic a while back I honestly didn't know what to do with it. The minute I saw this set I knew! This is my version of your set with that graphic. The tag in my mind shows the past memories and the future memories of two good friends regardless of their physical differences. My best friend, Martha, is a rock to me with my disabilities and never ever has made me feel disabled or useless in any way. It is fabulous to have the type of friendship that we have and I feel truly blessed by it.

While I, of course, thank Lori and the sweet women at Women For Jesus....the biggest thanks I can muster and the most mentioned in my prayers is my buddy, Martha. Our memories together in the past, present and future keep me focused and proud to call you my friend.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cities of the World - Rome, Paris and Cancun

Well I thought I was going to post the USA template that I used for Scrapping 'Til Dawn's design - but I'm having difficulties with it. Just my own stubborn brain doesn't like what I've done and I keep changing it. So, I've taken a break from it and I've moved onto some of her Cities of the World. I do not plan on doing them all, but I have chosen some ones I knew some things about and also did some up for friends and family who have visited. My versions are below. As always thanks to the generosity of Scrapping 'Til Dawn I got to play in PSP!

The first one is Rome! I made this for a friend, she loves the Trevi Fountain and has visited it many times! In her version I added a picture of her - but she asked me not to include on it my blog. So this one is just of the fountain.


The next one I did was of Paris. I used snapshots a friend took - she really enjoyed this layout.


And the lsat one for today is Cancun. Again using photos from a friend.


I'll be back with more in a few days.