Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of finished projects!

I am thrilled to announce this first completed project - My Heart Nephew - Jason's afghan! He is called JKonn by his Grandmother - Martha my Heart Sister. It was done in Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Cornmeal, Blue and Cherry Red.

The next is the 2nd in a series of scarves I am making for my Heart Sister Martha. This one is called Queen Anne's Lace. I found the pattern through Ravelry. It was made with the most delicious fingering weight yarn in turquoise and black from this Etsy shop - My Colorful World

And a close up view:

And finally a little Prayer Chest to include in my Doily Exchange to Chris. I found this pattern at Jean Maries Patterns I made mine in yellow with coffee colored trim using scrap yarn and a toggle button to lift off the top. I added a few prayers in for Chris - I do so hope she likes it! Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy - I hoped to get betters ones but it's already packed and ready to ship.

That's about it for now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Potholders and Doiles

I finally got the camera working again and someone to help me take pics. The first is the newest potholder that I received in my exchange. This one is from Temberley - it's a beautiful sunflower!

The next is also a potholder it's one I made for my Heart Sister - Martha! It was made with Cotton Yarn in the variegated color Meadow! The pattern is from Priscilla's Crochet

Next is the doily I made for my exchange partner and friend Chris. It was made with Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton - the color is Maize.

And last but not least - I finally got the refill of the starch I needed so I was able to starch up the Christmas Tree Doily I made in October of last year!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jazzie Scarf and Snowflakes

I made a bunch of snowflakes to add into a lot of my Christmas cards this past Christmas. One of my friends, Barbara from church, asked if I would make some more for her to have for this year. So I made up a bunch of her. They are made of Aunt Lydia's thread in white and soaked in a glue/water solution and allowed to dry flat. That stiffens them up to be hard and flat and I added a ribbon for hanging. It was a nice restarting project for me to work with thread - I had not done thread work in a while and I am so enjoying it again!

And this is my version of the Jazzie Skinny Scarf. The pattern is super easy and can be found at:

Jazzie Skinny Scarf

I made this scarf with the most delicious 100% cashmere recycled yarn. I purchased it at this etsy shop - she has stunning yarns! All made from recycled clothes and they are all beautiful to work with. I didn't want to even remove the yarn from the wrapper - just wanted to hold it to my cheek -it is so so so so so soft!!!

The YarnGirl's Etsy Shop

This first view is on my new (well recycled from a friend) mannequin! She is so helping me with displaying things for pictures! You should be able to see the whole scarf. Just a few inches short of 10 feet long! I made it for my Heart Sister - Martha - she is very very tall!

The second view is a close up of the scarf so you can see the pattern better - it was very easy and worked up very fast!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Next Potholder and ArmChair Pouches too!

This is the next Potholder I received in my exchange. It is from Irma - actually she sent me two - they are lovely - done in orange, yellow and white variegated cotton yarn.

I am so enjoying this exchange!

And these are some armchair pouches I made for my chair. I made them with Red Heart Super Saver in Rose Pink and Soft Pink - holding one strand of each color. The pattern is based on the pattern from the link below. I changed it a little bit to make the longer and shorter ones I wanted. But the idea was from this link:

ArmChair Pockets

This first one is for my crochet stuff when I am working on a project - like scissors, beads, ribbons, etc.

This second one is for the TV, Satellite and VCR/DVD remotes - I'm always dropping them!

And this last one is for the control for my life chair - I am always loosing it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Potholders, Potholders, Potholders!

I am on a great group on Yahoo called - Sunday Afternoon Hookers - we are a small group of women and a few men that love to crochet! Currently the group is running a Potholder Exchange. You made a potholder a month and send it to the recipient of the month. There are six months in the exchange and six people involved in the exchange. So on one of the months I am the recipient! This month - February - I am it! So far I have received two lovely potholders. This first one is from Natalie - it's beautiful! The picture only shows the Pink side of the heart but on the other side it is Red.


The second one I have received is from Elaine - it is lovely - the star in the middle is white with silver thread running through it.


And this last one is the potholder I have made for when I send out to the other five recipients. It's a little boring, sorry to say, I wish I had done something more unique now - I do so hope the ladies like my choice - I am worried about it being so simple and sort of plain.


Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Edinburg Wrap

Here is my newest completed project. The pattern is called Edinburg Wrap - I purchased it on Ravelry. The creator did hers in yellow and red with black trim. I did mine in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn - colors were Paddy O'Green, Royal Blue and Black - these are the colors of my husband's Irish Clan. This the first time in a long time I did crocheting on top of an already finished piece - the black to make it look like a plain was fun to re-learn! I enjoyed it and will definitely be willing to do another one! I think it came out rather well. I'm very happy with it - I made is slightly longer than her pattern called for to make it fit me better.