Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jazzie Scarf and Snowflakes

I made a bunch of snowflakes to add into a lot of my Christmas cards this past Christmas. One of my friends, Barbara from church, asked if I would make some more for her to have for this year. So I made up a bunch of her. They are made of Aunt Lydia's thread in white and soaked in a glue/water solution and allowed to dry flat. That stiffens them up to be hard and flat and I added a ribbon for hanging. It was a nice restarting project for me to work with thread - I had not done thread work in a while and I am so enjoying it again!

And this is my version of the Jazzie Skinny Scarf. The pattern is super easy and can be found at:

Jazzie Skinny Scarf

I made this scarf with the most delicious 100% cashmere recycled yarn. I purchased it at this etsy shop - she has stunning yarns! All made from recycled clothes and they are all beautiful to work with. I didn't want to even remove the yarn from the wrapper - just wanted to hold it to my cheek -it is so so so so so soft!!!

The YarnGirl's Etsy Shop

This first view is on my new (well recycled from a friend) mannequin! She is so helping me with displaying things for pictures! You should be able to see the whole scarf. Just a few inches short of 10 feet long! I made it for my Heart Sister - Martha - she is very very tall!

The second view is a close up of the scarf so you can see the pattern better - it was very easy and worked up very fast!

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Anonymous said...

Debbie - what can I say besides - Oh, my gosh - it is absolutely gorgeous. I love love love it - everything the color, the pattern, the length the exquisite detail. You are amazing, and I am so excited for it to come - no pressure, LOL. The end of the month like you said!!
! Thank you so so much for making it - something else for me to feel wrapped in your homemade love.
I love you, my heart sister.
xx Martha