Monday, February 7, 2011

Potholders, Potholders, Potholders!

I am on a great group on Yahoo called - Sunday Afternoon Hookers - we are a small group of women and a few men that love to crochet! Currently the group is running a Potholder Exchange. You made a potholder a month and send it to the recipient of the month. There are six months in the exchange and six people involved in the exchange. So on one of the months I am the recipient! This month - February - I am it! So far I have received two lovely potholders. This first one is from Natalie - it's beautiful! The picture only shows the Pink side of the heart but on the other side it is Red.


The second one I have received is from Elaine - it is lovely - the star in the middle is white with silver thread running through it.


And this last one is the potholder I have made for when I send out to the other five recipients. It's a little boring, sorry to say, I wish I had done something more unique now - I do so hope the ladies like my choice - I am worried about it being so simple and sort of plain.


Thanks for looking!

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cats-rockin-crochet said...

I like your blog and love your crochet work :)