Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Baby Blankets and A Clam Family

I have a few shares for today.

First is a baby blanket I made for the NICU of a hospital near a friend. She donates items to them and I sent her a few blankets to add to her gift. The blanket is from this site - Baby Car Blanket

Next is a weave looking blanket. This is from a Leisure Arts book that I currently can't find - but if I do I will share the booklet's name.

And last for today is a clam family! There are two blue boys and two pink girls! I am trying to name them, but so far can't seem to come up with names that fit them. One girl and one boy will be leaving our little family soon to take a trip all the way from our home in Tennessee to meet their new family in New Hampshire. The girls are very special due to their rare gold sparkled shells and the boys, being a rare blue, also with those gold sparkled shells are extremely rare and sought after - but they will be safe with our friends/family and we know they will be well loved for years to come.

The yarn is gorgeous Red Heart Shimmer and the pattern is called "Clarence the Clam" and is available on Etsy.

Thank you for always looking and encouraging me.