Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teddy Bear Blankie!

This was a project - Well a fun one but a learning experience to the differences in baby yarns. I thought all baby yarns were the same, NOT!!!! So with that in mind, when I put the squares together they became an Irregular Teddy Bear! But now that I have learned that the one I am making next will be right on target - I hope. The pattern was found on the way back machine and was more of a guide than a true pattern, so I did it my way and I think it's came out okay other than the lining up of the squares.

Be back soon with more to share.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wow lots of stuff to share today!

Well first I changed back to the other layout with some things here and there tweaked - I didn't like that other one, all my side bar items had disappeared!

Okay now onto my newest stack of completed projects!

First is a scrap shawl - I got the pattern at Scrap Shawl It is a great way to use up those medium to large size balls of leftover yarn! It came out very pretty and it is being donated to one of the nursing home residents.

Next is another 12 Point Round Ripple - I love this pattern - I've used it often. Round Ripple I did this one in peach and cream - I'm calling it Creamscile! The yarn has a little sparkle in it and it's so pretty!

Next is an Angel Wings Shawl - I made this for my partner in the Handmade Gift Exchange - from my previous posts - I do so hope she likes it. You can find the pattern at Angel Wings Shawl I did it in a soft white but I did change the edging a bit.

And next is one of a set of two Toddler length scarves I made for one of the ladies on my swap list. She had requested them as a Wishing Well Item - it was fun to do these up - I hope she likes them.

Next is a purple beanie for one of my heart nieces - I've got a few more in the works for her!

Next is another shawl I made with Bulky Yarn - no pattern just did what I saw in my head - it was also donated to the nursing home.

And finally for today is a Christmas Tree Door Decoration! You can find the pattern at Christmas Tree I made it for a swap partner.

That is it for today - more to come later!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Angel Baby Afghan, Oatmeal Scarf and Owl Tote Bag

I am very proud of this first item. It's an angel afghan. I got the pattern in one of the crochet magazines. It was a nice pattern to work up and I really like the finished product!

Next is a scarf - of course! The pattern is called "Fearless" and I found it on line.

And last for today is an Owl Tote bag. I also found this pattern in one of the crochet magazines. It even has two inside pockets as well! Great eye catching tote for you or a child!

Oh and I just got the sweetest gift from a fellow crochet member. A tote bag from the Cafe Press website - it's a canvas tote bag - and the graphic on it says "I'm working on my PhD" and then below "Projects Half Done!" I love it! And it is so true I'm always working on half done things!

Be back soon with more finished projects.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Holiday Handmade Gift Exchange

I have signed up for the next Handmade Gift Exchange - so excited. Last time I did this - my first time doing it - was a treat. I made a new friend, received the greatest of gifts! And really enjoyed it!

If you do anything handmade you can sign up too! Here is the link - Handmade Gift Exchange

You have till November 7th, 2011 to sign up!