Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doodles, Cover and Shawl

A few more finished things to share - took these pictures a bit ago and then promptly; forgot them! First is a Pompadoodle yarn scarf - really weird stuff to work with but it did come out nice, maybe?

Next is another casserole cover - it's in variegated brown, black and white. I've shared this pattern in the past - very nice and quick to make.

And last for now is another shawl I made for one of the residents at the local nursing home. It is done in Lion Brand Homespun yarn - very soft and fluffy!

Be back soon with more.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

More projects and a Christmas Lapghan

I am back with more completed items. First is a purple and white wine bottle cover. Makes a great gift wrap idea. You can find the pattern at Wine Bottle Cover

Next is a little heart doily I made for a friend on one of my lists. You can find the pattern at Heart Doily

Next is a cornflower blue with silver thread running through it that I made for myself- this pattern was from an old magazine.

Next is a square I made from a pattern from The Needlecrafter Shop - it was a collectors series that I received in the mail years ago. I made it slightly bigger than the original pattern - I wanted it to be a 12" square.

And finally and the most treasured item I have right now - is my Christmas lapghan. I was in a swap for months sharing Christmas colored squares with other swappers - I put mine together for myself - first lapghan for just me! I love it - and I can not take any credit but that I sewed them together!

Be back soon with more.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cupcake Hat, African Hexagon Flowers, etc.

Well of course, I have some more completed projects! First is a Cupcake Hat I made for my heart niece. The first view is it standing up and the second view is it laying flat. It is black for the wrapper, pink for the 'cupcake' and a red cherry on top! I found the pattern on line - just look for cupcake hat. I forgot to save the link - sorry.

Next is another beanie for my heart niece. It is a pretty blue and green mottled yarn - very soft. Just a simple double crochet.

Next are a bunch of African Hexagon Flowers I made for a friend on one of my swap lists - I do so hope she likes them and can use them for her projects. It was a blast to match these colors up. You can find the pattern at African Flower

And last is my started Christmas Lapghan. I received two squares a month from members of my swap group - it is so pretty - I have four more to add - but had to share -it's so gorgeous!! And it's all MINE!!

That's it for now - be back soon.