Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Ami's and some Roses

Well I'm back again with a few more completed items. First is a cute little amigurami. It is my take on a Hello Kitty. I got the pattern here Hello Kitty

And next is a little snail. This pattern can be purchased on line here Pepika Amigurami

And finally my Valentine Swap for my partner. I made the doily and the roses - I hope she likes it! I added some candy to it as well - so she gets flowers and candy for Valentine's day! I got the roses pattern here Long Stemmed Roses And sorry to say I can't seem to locate the doily pattern at the moment, when I do I'll update the post.

That is it for today - be back soon!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Updated projects and Cute Kitty!

Hi there - back with a few completed projects as well as some pictures of my youngest cat.

First is an Offset Shell Shawl I made. I found the pattern here Offset Shell Shawl

Next is a heart shaped dishcloth. I found this pattern through a Crochet A Long on Ravelry.

Next is a little Crochet A Long I hosted on one of my groups. It was for this adorable heart doll. I found the pattern here Heart Shaped Baby Doll

Next is a tea cozy I made for someone on one of my crochet lists. I found the pattern here Rosy Cosy

And finally are two pictures of my Baby Brat Butler - he only has three legs. When he was a kitten he was caught in a car and lost the back right leg. You would never know he was disabled - he runs like the wind! We call him Low Rider sometimes when he runs. Here he is in two poses - sitting on an empty pizza box!

That is it for now - be back soon with more.