Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Finished Projects

First off I have to thank Chris! WOW - thanks so much for showing me how to put the images into blogspot so much easier!! Chris' blog is at:

Now onto my newest projects!

I have been testing again for Donna - it is called Cutie Pie. Donna's blog is at This one was a square for testing and as soon as I finished the first square I had to make a baby afghan. It is soft pink, mint green and light chocolate - all Red Heart Yarn. I single crocheted the blocks together with the light chocolate. It is 4 squares by 8 squares and measures just about 18" by 36" - sized for a crib.

My second finished project is a 50" long 65 Diamond Point Afghan. I have had this pattern in my stash forever - it it my "go-to" pattern when making a simple yet lovely afghan. I did this one in Vibrant Orange and trimmed in white - both Red Heart yarn. It was made for a friend of Kathy's at her work - she really likes it! She is a BIG UT Volunteer fan! Hence the orange! The picture looks a little pink on some browsers but it is orange.

And my last finished project - which took forever!!! Is Harry's snuggie. It was done in that blue camouflage looking yarn from Red Heart. This was a free tear off pattern sheet from Red Heart yarn. It is similar to the snuggies on TV. A blanket with arms - but all in double crochets! It's warm and nice and he is wearing it either way on the front wrapped around him, or on his back with the opening in the front to walk around the house! I think he likes it!

I'll be back with more soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Testing of Baby Spiral Blanket and Smaller Stuff

The first item I have been working on was a test of a pattern for Donna. Donna's blog is at

The test was a Baby Spiral Blanket - she allowed the testers to make it as large or small as they wanted. I liked it so much while creating it I made it 55" across and made it into a lapghan for myself! I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Country Blue and Light Raspberry - used just under two skeins each. The Country Blue was leftover from my heart neice's afghan and the Light Raspberry from my other heart neice's daugthers afghan! Harry said it looked a little like Tootie Frutie ice cream with those colors!


Been busy working on some smaller items too. This a Pizzaz Purse by Maggie - the pattern can be found at

I did it black and white stripes - for a very nice lady.


Still have a lot in the "to do" pile but that is an always pile too! Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teddy Bear - First Attempt!

I finally tried a teddy bear. This pattern comes from - it was a pattern I purchased. He was made with Lion Brand Fun Fur in Copper. He has velvet button blue eyes and a black velvet nose. He just got delivered to my friend's grand-daughter.

A full view:


A slightly closer view:


He isn't like the creators - but I think with a lot more practice I will get better. But everyone, so far, who has seen him thinks he is a cutie!

Friday, October 29, 2010

For me - finally!

My newest project - this one was for me!!

A Craft Tote bag for me:


And the inside view - lined with an old pair of Harry's jeans!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm still creating!!

I am having fun creating all these crocheted items - keeps me busy, active and out of trouble! My newest projects are below - would love your comments on them!

Baby Hat and Mittens. I got these patterns off the web - they are just too cute! I made them both with Bernat baby soft yarn. This is for a lady in our church who just adopted a little girl - she is about 3 months old and so precious!

Both the hat and the thumbless mitten can be found at: Bev's Country Cottage


These are little "blueberry" bags - that was the name of the pattern. So cute - great for a small gift, potpourri, a trinket bag, etc. I just used some leftover yarn for this - it was fun to play with the colors and do different parts of the bag in different colors.

You can find the pattern for the blueberry bag at: Blueberry Bag


The next is a walker tote bag - it fits over the front rails of the walker - and is small, cute and holds whatever you might like to carry in it - a book, deck of cards, phone, pen and pad, etc. I hope to make a bunch of these to donate to the nursing home my sister in law, Kathy, works.

You can find the pattern for the tote bag at: Suzie's Yarnie Stuff


The last new item for this bunch is a set of wrist warmers for my friend Martha. They will match her shawl - made in Pound of Love yarn in antique white. They are warm, elegant and very soft. She works in an old mill building that has been refurbished - so it's a bit cold in New Hampshire with those old buildings - these wrist warmers and the new shawl should keep her warm and toasty!

You can find the pattern for the wrist warmers at: Hip Vintage Crochet


Now onto the great news - Kathy entered a raffle for her BARC group. The group does rescue of Bernese Mountain Dogs - she won! A lot of nice things - but this one is a pleasure for me. It is hand spun yarn made from Bernese Mountain Dog fur - I am working with Kathy now as to what does she want me to make with it. The first picture is when I first unwrapped the package and the second picture is when we unraveled it to roll into the ball - it's soft and lovely and feels like petting a puppy!



Watch for another update - I actually made something for myself!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My newest creations in Crochet

I am so excited that I have finished a few more projects. The first one is a lapghan. I made it modifying a pattern in a magazine. It was shown made in strips and I couldn't seem to get my strips to be the same size - so I did it in rows. I call it Fall Pineapple! It was made with Red Heart Yarn in cornmeal, teal and carrot. I love the colors. This was a gift for a lady at church that just got a new home. Her husband is in the National Guard and her son too!


The second creation is a shrug - It is in baby soft white yarn from Bernat. It is so so soft and luxurious on your shoulders. It is supposed to be a one size fits most. So far, on a small person the arms seem too long - but you could fold them over. A medium or large size seems to fit fine. I am going to work on another one and try to modify it to make it plus sized for me.


The third creation I finished is a baby blanket. This was made with Bernat baby yarn in berries in cream color. I thought it looked pretty with the yellow and pink. It is very lacy and delicate.

This is a close of the pattern:

And this is the whole blanket:

The fourth creation I finished is another baby blanket. This one was made with Red Heart Baby Yarn in soft pink. It is very warm and soft. I had seen a pattern with hearts and then another pattern with x's and o's. So I thought what would they look like together? And this is what I created.

This is a close of the pattern:

This is the whole blanket:

The fifth and final creation is a mistletoe ornament. I am in an ornament exchange with a lady on one of my crochet groups. She will send me a hand made ornament and I will send her one back. This is my first ornament creation. I was excited to create an ornament.


Stay tuned for more - by the time I got these pictures loaded and the blog post done I have about six more projects completed!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Halloween - Our New Front Porch

This is our new Front Porch - Kathy and Harry finished this much of it about a month ago - it will go all the way out to the edge of the house and around the corner to meet the back porch. They are doing it in 10 foot sections -this is the first ten feet! So, of course, I got to decorate it! WHOO HOO! It' not exactly how it will be when the porch has the railings and all but for now it's so cool to have it where I can enjoy it as well as the doggies can't get to any of it!

The is the view looking at the decorations directly from the front.

This is a view coming up from the stairs.


And for my next crocheted item - GIGGLE - is a Patch of Pumpkins - so cute! I think.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crochet Along - Crochet So Fine

I am so excited - Crochet So Fine is a great new book that I want to get. Well Lion Brand Yarn is sponsoring a Crochet Along on one of the patterns in this book for free! The actual designer of the pattern - Pearl's Cardigan - will be hosting the Crochet Along. Her name is Kristin Omdahl. You can get information about the Crochet Along at Join Us for Our Crochet Along. And you get the pattern at: Lion Brand - Free Pattern.


I am so excited about starting this project!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great Crochet Site - Just Found

I just found the greatest site for crochet patterns and such

The creator has a wonderful Etsy site as well - I just purchased a pattern from her.

On another note - sorry I haven't posted in a while - I keep forgetting! I'm trying to remember now - got it on my calendar!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Maines Hans T Bear

Hello All,

Just wanted to share something special with all of you. As some of you know my Sister in Law, Kathy, my husband - her brother, Harry and I all live together on on mini farm in East Tennessee.

Well Kathy has had Bernese Mountain Dogs forever as far back as I have known her. Most are rescues from puppy mill seizures but there were a few here and there that came from reputable breeders. Her first puppy, Maines Hans T Bear - affectionally known as Hans was her biggest, her sweetest and her friend! And I say this with all the confidence in the world! He was 157 pounds a big teddy bear and so so so gentle! He loved everyone and would not have hurt a fly, attempted to hurt Kathy! And then I'm not to sure what would have happened! All he ever did was push the person out the way when something did happen! Well Kathy lived alone for a while and she has a heart condition. Well, of course when you are alone, the worst happens! Kathy had a heart attack! Hans washed and licked and petted at her until she came out of it and then when she opened her eyes and looked at him he brought her the phone!!! Hans saved her life! And when the paramedics came he let them in and just sat next to her with paw on her! You can't tell me he wasn't her friend!!!!

Well I loved Hans as did everyone who met him - he is no longer with us now but is always a great memory. Well I took Kathy's favorite puppy picture of him and commissioned a watercolor portrait!

Well the artist has become over the past year a friend of mine and adore her work! On her blog a while back she did "in progress" photos of one of her works of art - so I asked her, of course, if she would do this for me in this portrait. Well she did and the finished product as well as the "in progress" works of art at on her blog and I had to share!

You can see them at:

Hope you enjoy!