Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm still creating!!

I am having fun creating all these crocheted items - keeps me busy, active and out of trouble! My newest projects are below - would love your comments on them!

Baby Hat and Mittens. I got these patterns off the web - they are just too cute! I made them both with Bernat baby soft yarn. This is for a lady in our church who just adopted a little girl - she is about 3 months old and so precious!

Both the hat and the thumbless mitten can be found at: Bev's Country Cottage


These are little "blueberry" bags - that was the name of the pattern. So cute - great for a small gift, potpourri, a trinket bag, etc. I just used some leftover yarn for this - it was fun to play with the colors and do different parts of the bag in different colors.

You can find the pattern for the blueberry bag at: Blueberry Bag


The next is a walker tote bag - it fits over the front rails of the walker - and is small, cute and holds whatever you might like to carry in it - a book, deck of cards, phone, pen and pad, etc. I hope to make a bunch of these to donate to the nursing home my sister in law, Kathy, works.

You can find the pattern for the tote bag at: Suzie's Yarnie Stuff


The last new item for this bunch is a set of wrist warmers for my friend Martha. They will match her shawl - made in Pound of Love yarn in antique white. They are warm, elegant and very soft. She works in an old mill building that has been refurbished - so it's a bit cold in New Hampshire with those old buildings - these wrist warmers and the new shawl should keep her warm and toasty!

You can find the pattern for the wrist warmers at: Hip Vintage Crochet


Now onto the great news - Kathy entered a raffle for her BARC group. The group does rescue of Bernese Mountain Dogs - she won! A lot of nice things - but this one is a pleasure for me. It is hand spun yarn made from Bernese Mountain Dog fur - I am working with Kathy now as to what does she want me to make with it. The first picture is when I first unwrapped the package and the second picture is when we unraveled it to roll into the ball - it's soft and lovely and feels like petting a puppy!



Watch for another update - I actually made something for myself!!

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Martha said...

*love the newest stuff, especially, my wrist warmers and the explanation you provided. My hands are freezing now as I type this, LOL; cannot wait to get my package I am so jealous that Hai got hers so quick. I took pictures of her sleeping at my house with it, I have to post ya tons.