Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trying to reactivate the blog

I've been off line for this for a long time due to my health I am trying to reactivate it now :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

As usual, Many items!

Lots to share today - I am truly behind on adding things to the blog - but it takes a while to get someone to help me with pictures - but I hope it was worth the wait!

First is a little blue gnome. These guys are so cute, I leave them at hotel rooms with a little note about them and hope that the cleaning person enjoys them and smiles. I've also left them in other places as well and enjoy trying to find a spot to watch them be found by their new family! You can find the pattern here: Simple Gnome

Next is a baby blanket I made. It is a cross stitch crocheted stitch - no pattern - just a stitch I wanted to try out and did a few rows of each color. It is up for sale on my other blog.

Next is a Drop In the Pond afghan. The pattern is by Elizabeth Ham and you can find it on Ravelry under her name or the pattern name. This is also for sale on my other blog.

Next is a monkey lovey. Also known as a snugglie, snuggle, security blanket, etc. this is a small head of a stuffed animal with a small blanket attached to the head. It is for a child to use as a security blanket or lovey to carry around with them. He can be washed and dried with the regular clothes and be given back to the child as soon as he is clean and spiffy again. It is a pattern I found on line searching for lovey. I made it for a friend for her new great grand child.

Next is some napkin rings I made for a swap. I did a search for napkin rings, and got some ideas and sort of did this up on my own - no true pattern.

Next is ripple lapghan I made for one of the local nursing homes. The picture doesn't do the color justice - it is a bright green called limelight - very shocking and the lady that received it loves it!

And last for today, is a little row counter I made. One of my friends on a crochet group, shared this adorable little tool with us and it took me a bit but I finally was able to make one for myself. It is just a thin dowel with wooden beads that you move to the right and left to help you keep count of your rows as you are crocheting.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Two Crinoline Girls and Two Potholders/Hotpads

Sharing a few finished items. The first two are crinoline girls. You can find the patterns at The first is an angel in #10 crochet cotton, made for a friend and the other is just a spring girl made with bamboo lightweight cotton.

The next are two potholders or hotpads I made for swap. The first is a snowman potholder - the pattern designer is by Doni Speigle and you can find her patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.

The other one is just some dc's formed to a mat and then two reindeer with a tree - I just searched for fridgie patterns and manipulated them to work for this hot pad.

Be back soon.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Many items completed!

Well I have been saving up and I have a few things to share. Some are holiday themed, some are older items that I could not share till they were "gifted" to the person who received them, and some are just things I forgot to post! Here they are in no order whatsoever......

First is a bunch of 12" squares for two tote bags that were being given to the list leaders of one of my groups. I used various patterns found on the internet.

Next is an outfit I made for a 5" itty bitty baby doll I received as a gift. It didn't come out the way I wanted it to - but it looks okay for a first try at something like this - especially this little.

Next is a plastic bag holder I made for a friend for her grandchild's nursery room. It came from a leaflet entitled "Bag Ladies" - I did make some changes to the pattern.

Next is a Lovey - also called a snuggie, snugglie, etc. It is for a child to carry and cuddle. I grew up calling them security blankets. This pattern is from an etsy shop called Petals to Picots.

Next is a scarf I have made many times. I call it the "Rose Folded Scarf" because someone shared on a blog or Facebook that you could roll it up and it looks like a Rose! I think it does and it makes a stunning gift. It was from a Joann's tear off sheet pattern.

Next is a chicken shaped discloth. I saw a charted pattern on a foreign language website and tried it out - I haven't worked out all the kinks on it but I hope to soon. I've lost the website address - but I'm trying to find it again to share.

Next is another dishcloth. It is one from Maggie's Crochet - called Swirl. I liked working it up.

This is a sweet and easy shawl to make. I made if for someone going through a hard time. You can find the pattern at Popelkalida. I show a full back view and then a back view of it folded around the person.

Next is my Pumpkin House. I had a lot of fun making this for my holiday decor. I got the pattern at this shop Crafts for Angels Designs

And last is my Teddy Bear filet baby blanket. It is from a book I've had for years, but to be honest I have the page copied out and I can't remember which book it is from! I will look and see if I can update this post with the name of the book.

That is it for now - wow that was a lot!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prayer Shawl and Angel Bag Holder

Here are some of my newest finished projects. First is a prayer shawl I made for a friend who is having some difficult times. I did it in Caron Simply Soft yarn in heather gray. I am sorry but I am unable to share the pattern - it was a test for someone and they have not yet issued it for publication.

Next is a grocery bag holder. You know how all those plastic bags get used one way or another? Well this is an adorable angel one! I purchased the pattern at Cute Crochet

That is it for today - now off to try to make a baby cupcake hat! Been having all sorts of issues with different patterns!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dishcloth and Potholder

Recently I joined a new group, new to me, and signed up for a swap. It was one potholder and your favorite recipe. Well of course I did more than that, not too much, just a little bit.

First is the dishcloth. The pattern if from America's Best - I got it as a tear off from a store.

Now the potholder. The pattern is called Broken Dishes and I found the pattern in an older magazine.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Drop in the Pond Lapghan and Sailboat Wall Hanging

Hello - well I am back with a couple more completed projects.

The first one is a Sailboat Wall Hanging I made for a friend's grandson. I had such fun making this - searching for beads, and heart shapes and the actual crocheting and then putting it all together! I found the pattern here at Sail Away

Second and last for today is a lapghan called Drop in the Pond. I did it white, red and black. I think it is a striking color combination. I donated it to our local nursing home and they are going to raffle it off! Such a blessing. I found the pattern at Drop in the Pond

Thanks for looking!