Saturday, December 29, 2012

Many items completed!

Well I have been saving up and I have a few things to share. Some are holiday themed, some are older items that I could not share till they were "gifted" to the person who received them, and some are just things I forgot to post! Here they are in no order whatsoever......

First is a bunch of 12" squares for two tote bags that were being given to the list leaders of one of my groups. I used various patterns found on the internet.

Next is an outfit I made for a 5" itty bitty baby doll I received as a gift. It didn't come out the way I wanted it to - but it looks okay for a first try at something like this - especially this little.

Next is a plastic bag holder I made for a friend for her grandchild's nursery room. It came from a leaflet entitled "Bag Ladies" - I did make some changes to the pattern.

Next is a Lovey - also called a snuggie, snugglie, etc. It is for a child to carry and cuddle. I grew up calling them security blankets. This pattern is from an etsy shop called Petals to Picots.

Next is a scarf I have made many times. I call it the "Rose Folded Scarf" because someone shared on a blog or Facebook that you could roll it up and it looks like a Rose! I think it does and it makes a stunning gift. It was from a Joann's tear off sheet pattern.

Next is a chicken shaped discloth. I saw a charted pattern on a foreign language website and tried it out - I haven't worked out all the kinks on it but I hope to soon. I've lost the website address - but I'm trying to find it again to share.

Next is another dishcloth. It is one from Maggie's Crochet - called Swirl. I liked working it up.

This is a sweet and easy shawl to make. I made if for someone going through a hard time. You can find the pattern at Popelkalida. I show a full back view and then a back view of it folded around the person.

Next is my Pumpkin House. I had a lot of fun making this for my holiday decor. I got the pattern at this shop Crafts for Angels Designs

And last is my Teddy Bear filet baby blanket. It is from a book I've had for years, but to be honest I have the page copied out and I can't remember which book it is from! I will look and see if I can update this post with the name of the book.

That is it for now - wow that was a lot!

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