Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Frustrated in February

Hi there, it's been a while since I wrote on the blog. I forgot again which password and which email I used....So I couldn't get to the Blog! Boo Hoo on ME! OH well, I got it fixed now and I am on line with my usual email address so now I know it all and have it memorized - well at least for the minute. Things are still horrible between me and my husband. Jerk that he is most of the time. I don't know where to go and what to do - but I am trying with him. Well maybe that's the problem? If I stopped trying maybe he would settle down and fix it himself! He is unhappy, that is true beyond any doubt. But I can't figure out why. We have more here than we would ever have had anywhere else. I think it's that he doesn't have as many people here as he did in the other area. He is upset by his job and his living conditions....but I can't change everything for him. I do hope he settles in eventually. But I doubt it sorry to say.

Other things are fine - dogs are well - cats are well - bunnies are well....did I forget to say we almost live in a zoo! Maybe that's one of the problems? Too many animals to take care of - selfish I suppose on my part.

My legs are okay today - but still as painful as they can be without being over the edge and not letting me walk! I'm still having trouble with exercises and I'm hoping once the warm weather works its way around, that it'll work out some of the pain. And maybe then I'll be able to walk better at least and that will help with the exercises. I seemed to have bottomed out loosing at 246 pounds. Which is still 31 pounds from my beginning weight - so I should be happy, but, of course, I'm not!

Job is fine, as always. I really like it here. I miss some things but I can live without most of them.

Most of all I miss the camaraderie (did I spell that right?) of a friend close by. But as we get older, I suppose some things have to change......

Just testing the post

I am transferring from one email to another and just checking that this works for me from the second email.