Thursday, March 22, 2007

Complaint Free World

I recently saw an NBC article about a church in Kansas City that is having a campaign to stop people from complaining. It started out as a church thing and now has spread and spread to international! I sent away for the bracelets that you wear on your wrist. The information is at: I can't wait for ours to come. You have to wear it for 21 days and NOT COMPLAIN! That will be dificult - but it is written that you can change any habit in 21 days - so we will do as He says! I can't wait.

As a side note, well not exactly a side note, but something important to me. Keep Elizabeth Edwards (Previous Senator John Edwards' wife NC) in your prayers. Her cancer has returned - in the bone - there is an upside for this - she is a mole role for strength and prayer!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Day of Spring!

It's the first day of spring! Hubby and I went outside for lunch today - wonderful breeze - beautiful sun - very nice! Things are normal, I suppose. Same as always - nothing special happening. I am doing a lot of reading lately. Found a bunch of books by an author I like, that I never read! Wonderful stuff!

Nothing much to say today - so I'll sign off now :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eyes of March - Part II

Oops - I have to add a note - so this is the Eyes of March Part II !!

I am so excited about one thing. My husband and I, as all of you know, have been having troubles. (BIG TROUBLES). But things are slowly working out - some how some way - well I know what way it is. But we have had a huge breakthrough. He has asked to start going back to Church! We haven't been able to go to church financially and we have been doing a lot of extra work on Sundays for extra cash - so we haven't had the time either. And when we could go we were just too dang tired and figured we would fall asleep to the music! It has been almost if not a full year (maybe more) since we went to our church. We were going to the little one around the corner from the house, but it just isn't the same, to say the least. So my husband spoke up and said this week - let's go to Church again this Sunday! WOO HOO break through - I said nothing and said yes, that would be nice. So I think we are going - be quiet - don't tell him it's a breakthrough! GIGGLING and smiling and praying it works out for us to go!

Eyes of March

Hi there! It's March 15th the Eyes of March. I always wondered what that meant and you know, I have never looked it up to see! Maybe today is the day. Mom always something about the middle day of the month and knowing what the weather was like for the summer or something - but I can't remember.

Well I am having some pain today - all over pain - which is very weird. I know it is going to rain - this arthritis thing is HORRIBLE!!!! I'm whining - yes I know - but sometimes whining is a good thing! YEAH RIGHT - can here my Momma know fussing at me, get over it, get on with it, forget it, it'll go away! Well I am in pain, their isn't anything more I can do for it, so I will live with it. But I will fuss probably! (definitely - giggling).

Today is overcast and yucky and I think I am depressed - I don't know about depression - so I'm not saying I'm clinically depressed or going to do anything stupid. Just sort of down in the dumps and don't know why. Could be the weather, could just be my pain, could just be! Who knows :) I'll get over it, I'm sure.

I'm worried about Daddy - that could be a reason for the down in the dumps thing. He lost his little dog a bit ago - massive shut down of most of his internal organs. Nothing could be done. I know Daddy hurts for the little guy and I do too. And for the first time, in a long time, I don't know what to do about it. Daddy is always so strong and doesn't show emotion at all. I'm so worried about him being with Momma and now with the little dog.

I'm reading some great Nora Roberts books, I love them. Some oldies I never read before. One of my bosses, loaned them to me, she just won them on Ebay. They are really great ones. Ones I never read before - of if I did - I don't remember them!

May the Eyes of March look on you and smile!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Too Dang Early on a Saturday Morning!

Well it's me again! Who else did you expect? GIGGLING......... It's 6:36 a.m. on a Saturday morning and I'm awake. I did good I suppose to sleep this late. I can't sleep anymore for some reason. I remember as a teenager thinking nothing of sleeping till noon or one o'clock! But I suppose I also stayed up later too! Eight hours and I'm awake no ifs, ands or buts! I'm alone in the office on the computer. Nice.....husband is sleeping, sister in law is sleeping, the dogs are laying down and being quiet. The only ones wandering are a couple of the cats. I can usually get a lot of stuff done this early in the morning. Wish I had a quieter keyboard though! I type like a fiend and it is a bit loud to me!

Well onto other things. My husband is working on the anger and we actually might have made a breakthrough as to where it came from - I hope so. I'm tired of a nasty husband who is in a bad mood all the time. He sure wasn't that way before!

Well it's early and I want to read email and play in PSP (Paint Shop Pro). Bye!