Thursday, March 22, 2007

Complaint Free World

I recently saw an NBC article about a church in Kansas City that is having a campaign to stop people from complaining. It started out as a church thing and now has spread and spread to international! I sent away for the bracelets that you wear on your wrist. The information is at: I can't wait for ours to come. You have to wear it for 21 days and NOT COMPLAIN! That will be dificult - but it is written that you can change any habit in 21 days - so we will do as He says! I can't wait.

As a side note, well not exactly a side note, but something important to me. Keep Elizabeth Edwards (Previous Senator John Edwards' wife NC) in your prayers. Her cancer has returned - in the bone - there is an upside for this - she is a mole role for strength and prayer!