Thursday, March 15, 2007

Eyes of March - Part II

Oops - I have to add a note - so this is the Eyes of March Part II !!

I am so excited about one thing. My husband and I, as all of you know, have been having troubles. (BIG TROUBLES). But things are slowly working out - some how some way - well I know what way it is. But we have had a huge breakthrough. He has asked to start going back to Church! We haven't been able to go to church financially and we have been doing a lot of extra work on Sundays for extra cash - so we haven't had the time either. And when we could go we were just too dang tired and figured we would fall asleep to the music! It has been almost if not a full year (maybe more) since we went to our church. We were going to the little one around the corner from the house, but it just isn't the same, to say the least. So my husband spoke up and said this week - let's go to Church again this Sunday! WOO HOO break through - I said nothing and said yes, that would be nice. So I think we are going - be quiet - don't tell him it's a breakthrough! GIGGLING and smiling and praying it works out for us to go!