Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amiguramis, a doily, a hat and starting a new project!

Well I am beyond happy! Beyond thrilled! I finished three Amigurami's! First is a mushroom that can be a toy or a pincushion. Mine doesn't look that much like the pattern picture but I like it! You can find the pattern here Mushroom

Next is a swan. I purchased this pattern on Etsy from Amy Gaines. I like the way she looks - elegant but with a curiosity. Amy's shop is here Amy Gaines Etsy Shop

Next is a Koala Bear. I am beyond pleased at the way this little guy looks! He is adorable - my humble opinion of course. While I was putting him together we were all laughing. Before his ears and face were done he looked a lot like E.T. The pattern can be found here Koala Bear

And here is a Winnie the Pooh Amigurami I received as a gift! Isn't he the cutest? I love him - he is a treasure as I sure do love Pooh Bear! Because it was a gift I have no access to the pattern sorry - but there are many Pooh and Friends pattern all over the web.

Now onto to other projects. Here is a blue doily I made. It was an easy pattern and worked up fast and I really like the way it came out! You can find the pattern here Easy Doily

I am very pleased with this little hat. Y'all also get to see a pic of me with this hat. The hat pattern can be found here Summer Hat and the rose pattern can be found here Rose Tutorial

Finally, I am starting a new project and will be "walking" all of you through the process from start to finish! The first part of the project involves a shopping trip for yarn! Here is what I purchased. Five skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in Delft Blue and one large skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Soft White. I will publish the next step in a few days - it will include the pattern, hook size and what I did to make it a bit larger than it's originally written size.

I was told that this Delft Blue looks a lot like the Carolina Blue from the University of North Carolina and the TarHeels!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Projects, Flowers and a Gift from Chris!

Well I'm back again with some more completed projects. The first is a few baby hats I made for the Salvation Army for their winter hat drive. I did these in a variegated yarn in pink, yellow, green and white from my scrap box - I think it was Red Heart Baby Yarn - but I'm honestly not sure! The patterns were free on line from baby layette sets - I didn't save the patterns as I don't usually make baby hats.

Next is a doily I made for a friend - it is done in Aunt Lydia's #10 Thread in Aqua Blue. The pattern is at: Easy Crochet Doily

Next are some pics of some more flowers in my garden. The first my Aunt Ann said is called Spider's Wort, It has lots of green stalks and the small flowers bloom in bunches in deep purple - it's beautiful! And attracts a lot of butterflies!

Next is the last of my cream colored Iris' - I will so miss them - they are gorgeous! Even thought the picture looks sort of pinkish they are cream colored - like a soft beige.

And the last picture is a beautiful tea cup and saucer that Chris gave me as a lovely gift when she came to visit from Alabama. I love it - it's on my fireplace mantle in a place of honor! I will treasure it forever!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gift for A Sweet Lady

I was so honored to be paired up with Nancy for an Afghan Exchange. She sent me the most delightful and beautiful afghan (pictures are in the post below this one) and I got to create for her this afghan. It is a basket stitch afghan that I turned on it's side! So I called it the On The Side Basket! I embellished it with flowers. The afghan pattern is a baby sized afghan pattern that I doubled and turned on the side.

You can find the pattern for it at Basket Stitch Baby Blanket

And you can find the flower pattern at Croco Flower

The first picture is of the full blanket.

This picture is a close up of one end so you can see the flowers better - I hope!

It was a pleasure to create this for Nancy and I hope she enjoys wrapping in it as much as I enjoyed making it for her!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A beautiful gift and some completed projects

I am so honored and humbled too by this beautiful gift - I received the most gorgeous, luxurious, beautiful, soft and Pink blanket from my friend Nancy! Nancy and I were in a Springtime Afghan Exchange - this is the blanket she sent me. It's pink with some white and little bits of blue running through it. It is so beautiful! I am using it all the time - Harry even calls it my Nancy ghan! Thanks Nancy for the sweetest gift ever!

Now I'll change gears and show you some more of my completed projects. Most are small items that were quick and easy to make.

The first item is a little soap saver - you can use it for a full bar of soap or for those slivers to save money buying more soap! I did it with cotton. It was a mystery crochet a long and you can find the pattern here: Let's Crochet you will need to look for the Mystery Crochet-A-Long's area.

The next is a little purple bowl. I love little things like this - keeps me organized when working on small projects with buttons or beads. I also did this with cotton. You can find the pattern at Sugar N Cream

Next is a magnet. I crocheted this with cotton thread #10. I am calling her Sunbonnet Sue as that is what I see. But the creator of the pattern called it Susie Q - you can find the pattern for sale at Etsy The pattern is for a kitchen set with potholders and a magnet.

Next is a little item I created from a coaster I saw in a catalog. I created it with cotton. I haven't perfected the pattern but I hope to soon and to be able to share it when it's done.

Next is a pattern I was testing for the designer. The designer has not yet shared the pattern with the public - when she does it will be here at this site Smooth Fox It is called Baby Love Blankie. I did it in Red Heart Super Saver in White and some yarn from my old stash from Wintuk (now known as Caron) in Christmas Green. And one row of Red Heart Super Saver Blue.

That is it for now - I have many projects in process - so I hope to have more pictures soon!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Iris' Have Finally Bloomed!

Well it took a few years but my Iris' have finally bloomed! These bulbs were a gift from an elderly couple who lived up the road from us. When we moved in they were so welcoming and so sweet! The lady offered me a lot of bulbs and to be honest they got lost in the landscape due to a mistake. Well we found them about four years ago and replanted them up closer to the house. Well they hadn't bloomed for the past three years! Last year both of these lovely sweet people passed away and my heart was broken! The husband died first from a heart attack and the wife died two days after he had been buried - the doctors all think of a broken heart. They had been married since they were 16 years old and died in their early 80's! They were the sweetest people and so loving to everyone. Well this year when the blooms started popping all over, my heart swelled, she was looking down and smiling on my blooms to coach them to bloom again! They are lovely - it's an odd sort of color. They are like a soft beige if you could see them up close, with some yellow and dark sort of orange/brown in them. These pictures look a little yellow or peach colored but in real life they are in the color of beige. So far six blooms, and about 12 more buds.