Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Iris' Have Finally Bloomed!

Well it took a few years but my Iris' have finally bloomed! These bulbs were a gift from an elderly couple who lived up the road from us. When we moved in they were so welcoming and so sweet! The lady offered me a lot of bulbs and to be honest they got lost in the landscape due to a mistake. Well we found them about four years ago and replanted them up closer to the house. Well they hadn't bloomed for the past three years! Last year both of these lovely sweet people passed away and my heart was broken! The husband died first from a heart attack and the wife died two days after he had been buried - the doctors all think of a broken heart. They had been married since they were 16 years old and died in their early 80's! They were the sweetest people and so loving to everyone. Well this year when the blooms started popping all over, my heart swelled, she was looking down and smiling on my blooms to coach them to bloom again! They are lovely - it's an odd sort of color. They are like a soft beige if you could see them up close, with some yellow and dark sort of orange/brown in them. These pictures look a little yellow or peach colored but in real life they are in the color of beige. So far six blooms, and about 12 more buds.

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