Saturday, May 28, 2011

Projects, Flowers and a Gift from Chris!

Well I'm back again with some more completed projects. The first is a few baby hats I made for the Salvation Army for their winter hat drive. I did these in a variegated yarn in pink, yellow, green and white from my scrap box - I think it was Red Heart Baby Yarn - but I'm honestly not sure! The patterns were free on line from baby layette sets - I didn't save the patterns as I don't usually make baby hats.

Next is a doily I made for a friend - it is done in Aunt Lydia's #10 Thread in Aqua Blue. The pattern is at: Easy Crochet Doily

Next are some pics of some more flowers in my garden. The first my Aunt Ann said is called Spider's Wort, It has lots of green stalks and the small flowers bloom in bunches in deep purple - it's beautiful! And attracts a lot of butterflies!

Next is the last of my cream colored Iris' - I will so miss them - they are gorgeous! Even thought the picture looks sort of pinkish they are cream colored - like a soft beige.

And the last picture is a beautiful tea cup and saucer that Chris gave me as a lovely gift when she came to visit from Alabama. I love it - it's on my fireplace mantle in a place of honor! I will treasure it forever!


Chris said...

I am so glad you like it! Love you very much!

Emma Stormy said...

LOVE your crochet items as always!! Your flowers are beautiful! And how sweet of Chris, that's so pretty!!!