Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amiguramis, a doily, a hat and starting a new project!

Well I am beyond happy! Beyond thrilled! I finished three Amigurami's! First is a mushroom that can be a toy or a pincushion. Mine doesn't look that much like the pattern picture but I like it! You can find the pattern here Mushroom

Next is a swan. I purchased this pattern on Etsy from Amy Gaines. I like the way she looks - elegant but with a curiosity. Amy's shop is here Amy Gaines Etsy Shop

Next is a Koala Bear. I am beyond pleased at the way this little guy looks! He is adorable - my humble opinion of course. While I was putting him together we were all laughing. Before his ears and face were done he looked a lot like E.T. The pattern can be found here Koala Bear

And here is a Winnie the Pooh Amigurami I received as a gift! Isn't he the cutest? I love him - he is a treasure as I sure do love Pooh Bear! Because it was a gift I have no access to the pattern sorry - but there are many Pooh and Friends pattern all over the web.

Now onto to other projects. Here is a blue doily I made. It was an easy pattern and worked up fast and I really like the way it came out! You can find the pattern here Easy Doily

I am very pleased with this little hat. Y'all also get to see a pic of me with this hat. The hat pattern can be found here Summer Hat and the rose pattern can be found here Rose Tutorial

Finally, I am starting a new project and will be "walking" all of you through the process from start to finish! The first part of the project involves a shopping trip for yarn! Here is what I purchased. Five skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in Delft Blue and one large skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Soft White. I will publish the next step in a few days - it will include the pattern, hook size and what I did to make it a bit larger than it's originally written size.

I was told that this Delft Blue looks a lot like the Carolina Blue from the University of North Carolina and the TarHeels!

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Martha said...

As usual - there are not enough words to say how good your work is! So proud of you and look forward to that new project!!!
Love you,
Heart sis, Martha