Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A beautiful gift and some completed projects

I am so honored and humbled too by this beautiful gift - I received the most gorgeous, luxurious, beautiful, soft and Pink blanket from my friend Nancy! Nancy and I were in a Springtime Afghan Exchange - this is the blanket she sent me. It's pink with some white and little bits of blue running through it. It is so beautiful! I am using it all the time - Harry even calls it my Nancy ghan! Thanks Nancy for the sweetest gift ever!

Now I'll change gears and show you some more of my completed projects. Most are small items that were quick and easy to make.

The first item is a little soap saver - you can use it for a full bar of soap or for those slivers to save money buying more soap! I did it with cotton. It was a mystery crochet a long and you can find the pattern here: Let's Crochet you will need to look for the Mystery Crochet-A-Long's area.

The next is a little purple bowl. I love little things like this - keeps me organized when working on small projects with buttons or beads. I also did this with cotton. You can find the pattern at Sugar N Cream

Next is a magnet. I crocheted this with cotton thread #10. I am calling her Sunbonnet Sue as that is what I see. But the creator of the pattern called it Susie Q - you can find the pattern for sale at Etsy The pattern is for a kitchen set with potholders and a magnet.

Next is a little item I created from a coaster I saw in a catalog. I created it with cotton. I haven't perfected the pattern but I hope to soon and to be able to share it when it's done.

Next is a pattern I was testing for the designer. The designer has not yet shared the pattern with the public - when she does it will be here at this site Smooth Fox It is called Baby Love Blankie. I did it in Red Heart Super Saver in White and some yarn from my old stash from Wintuk (now known as Caron) in Christmas Green. And one row of Red Heart Super Saver Blue.

That is it for now - I have many projects in process - so I hope to have more pictures soon!


Martha Dickey said...

As always your work amazes me; and I have to agree that with all of your amazing work you are bound by that thread of yarn to many many people, including so many of my own family. I love you, heart sister.
xx Martha

Martha said...

To my heart sister -- As always your work astounds me - you are so creative and I love that about you. I agree that you are bound to many with the beautiful work you do - many in my family alone! I love you - keep up the good and amazing work.
xx Martha xx

Anonymous said...

Love all your stuff as always!!! Hugs!!!