Monday, February 22, 2010

Maines Hans T Bear

Hello All,

Just wanted to share something special with all of you. As some of you know my Sister in Law, Kathy, my husband - her brother, Harry and I all live together on on mini farm in East Tennessee.

Well Kathy has had Bernese Mountain Dogs forever as far back as I have known her. Most are rescues from puppy mill seizures but there were a few here and there that came from reputable breeders. Her first puppy, Maines Hans T Bear - affectionally known as Hans was her biggest, her sweetest and her friend! And I say this with all the confidence in the world! He was 157 pounds a big teddy bear and so so so gentle! He loved everyone and would not have hurt a fly, attempted to hurt Kathy! And then I'm not to sure what would have happened! All he ever did was push the person out the way when something did happen! Well Kathy lived alone for a while and she has a heart condition. Well, of course when you are alone, the worst happens! Kathy had a heart attack! Hans washed and licked and petted at her until she came out of it and then when she opened her eyes and looked at him he brought her the phone!!! Hans saved her life! And when the paramedics came he let them in and just sat next to her with paw on her! You can't tell me he wasn't her friend!!!!

Well I loved Hans as did everyone who met him - he is no longer with us now but is always a great memory. Well I took Kathy's favorite puppy picture of him and commissioned a watercolor portrait!

Well the artist has become over the past year a friend of mine and adore her work! On her blog a while back she did "in progress" photos of one of her works of art - so I asked her, of course, if she would do this for me in this portrait. Well she did and the finished product as well as the "in progress" works of art at on her blog and I had to share!

You can see them at:

Hope you enjoy!

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