Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Finished Projects

First off I have to thank Chris! WOW - thanks so much for showing me how to put the images into blogspot so much easier!! Chris' blog is at:

Now onto my newest projects!

I have been testing again for Donna - it is called Cutie Pie. Donna's blog is at This one was a square for testing and as soon as I finished the first square I had to make a baby afghan. It is soft pink, mint green and light chocolate - all Red Heart Yarn. I single crocheted the blocks together with the light chocolate. It is 4 squares by 8 squares and measures just about 18" by 36" - sized for a crib.

My second finished project is a 50" long 65 Diamond Point Afghan. I have had this pattern in my stash forever - it it my "go-to" pattern when making a simple yet lovely afghan. I did this one in Vibrant Orange and trimmed in white - both Red Heart yarn. It was made for a friend of Kathy's at her work - she really likes it! She is a BIG UT Volunteer fan! Hence the orange! The picture looks a little pink on some browsers but it is orange.

And my last finished project - which took forever!!! Is Harry's snuggie. It was done in that blue camouflage looking yarn from Red Heart. This was a free tear off pattern sheet from Red Heart yarn. It is similar to the snuggies on TV. A blanket with arms - but all in double crochets! It's warm and nice and he is wearing it either way on the front wrapped around him, or on his back with the opening in the front to walk around the house! I think he likes it!

I'll be back with more soon!


Chris said...

You did great Deb!! I knew you could. Love you my friend!

Sandyhook said...

Hi, Deborah...and thanks for your comments on my blog.

The Branching Leaves scarf does not have a written pattern...just the chart on the linked page (the designer didnt write out a pattern). However, its an easy chart to read. The ovals are chains and the T's with lines through them are dc's. Thats all there is. You count the chains at the bottom of the chart to get your foundation and you start in the 5th chain from the hook. Give it a try!


Sandyhook said...

Deborah, your projects are beautiful! Your work is excellent! And I cant believe you made a Snuggie...I tried and I got SO bored with it, I gave up! LOL!

Yours in Crochet,