Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doodles, Cover and Shawl

A few more finished things to share - took these pictures a bit ago and then promptly; forgot them! First is a Pompadoodle yarn scarf - really weird stuff to work with but it did come out nice, maybe?

Next is another casserole cover - it's in variegated brown, black and white. I've shared this pattern in the past - very nice and quick to make.

And last for now is another shawl I made for one of the residents at the local nursing home. It is done in Lion Brand Homespun yarn - very soft and fluffy!

Be back soon with more.

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Pammy Sue said...

Hi Deborah! I got your comment about the tea cozy. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you plan to hang around and keep reading.

Let me know if you make that tea cozy and how it works out!