Thursday, February 10, 2011

Next Potholder and ArmChair Pouches too!

This is the next Potholder I received in my exchange. It is from Irma - actually she sent me two - they are lovely - done in orange, yellow and white variegated cotton yarn.

I am so enjoying this exchange!

And these are some armchair pouches I made for my chair. I made them with Red Heart Super Saver in Rose Pink and Soft Pink - holding one strand of each color. The pattern is based on the pattern from the link below. I changed it a little bit to make the longer and shorter ones I wanted. But the idea was from this link:

ArmChair Pockets

This first one is for my crochet stuff when I am working on a project - like scissors, beads, ribbons, etc.

This second one is for the TV, Satellite and VCR/DVD remotes - I'm always dropping them!

And this last one is for the control for my life chair - I am always loosing it.

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