Sunday, August 10, 2008

Memories - Friends and Relationships

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you all what I made with recently. And I have some sweet sweet people to thank for their lovely shares. I got the graphic on a group I am on called Women for Jesus Who Love PSP! They are the sweetest bunch of women and share from their hearts. And the layout I used is from As the generosity of Lori - here blog is at Doodles By Lori. She shares many many freebies and this particular set comes in some lovely colors. I immediately thought of this graphic when I saw them! Thank you, Lori, from the bottom of my heart your for generosity in sharing your creative talents. I am handicapped and use a wheelchair often (I hardly ever find wheelchair related graphics) and finding this graphic a while back I honestly didn't know what to do with it. The minute I saw this set I knew! This is my version of your set with that graphic. The tag in my mind shows the past memories and the future memories of two good friends regardless of their physical differences. My best friend, Martha, is a rock to me with my disabilities and never ever has made me feel disabled or useless in any way. It is fabulous to have the type of friendship that we have and I feel truly blessed by it.

While I, of course, thank Lori and the sweet women at Women For Jesus....the biggest thanks I can muster and the most mentioned in my prayers is my buddy, Martha. Our memories together in the past, present and future keep me focused and proud to call you my friend.


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Martha said...

That is because we are best friends. You do not have any disabilities that I can see. That is why you should never feel disabled or useless in any way when you are with me - okay? Cuz I love you. Thanks for sharing this with me. I love you.