Thursday, July 7, 2011

Multiple Scarves

I think I have a thing for scarves! They work up fast, you don't need a lot of yarn and you can make some of the prettiest designs mixing and matching textures! The first one is a Lacy Summer Scarf. I make it skinnier than the pattern stated. You can find the pattern Lacy Summer Scarf

Next is a diagonal stitch scarf. I love this stitch/pattern as you can make from a scarf to a shawl to a blanket! You just keep increasing till it is the size you want. There is an example of it at Diagonal Stitch Scarf

And this one I am calling a Chenille scarf. I got some yarn from a friend and there were these three little partial balls of Chenille yarn. I didn't have a clue what to do with them. So I sat here and had piles of yarn in my lap looking for colors to go together. I picked this brown and the chenille red in the middle. It's just two rows of double crochets on each side with a sort of odd spike stitch with a row of singles and chains between the spike. I think it came out nice with that pop of red in the middle! I hope my heart sister, Martha, likes it!

Next is a scarf for me finally! This is called the Branching Leaves Scarf. I heard the pattern was removed from Ravelry. I made this one in a lightweight fingering yarn in turquoise, it's soft and scrumptious feeling to the touch. You can see I am still working on it! But I'm so glad I finally got the chart worked out!

This is a round ripple throw. I didn't have enough of two of the colors to do the edging that was recommended so I just left it with the last row. You can find that pattern at Round Ripple Afghan

And last but by no means least! Is my gift from exchange partner, Eileen! Isn't is wonderful! It's a tote bag with a hook/tool holder in the front! I love it. It's big enough to carry a large item or a bunch of small ones. But not overwhelming either in size!

The sewing pattern can be found at Wired Up Designs I am so glad I joined in this exchange and made a new friend in Eileen!

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