Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Various Stuff Completed!

Well Hi again! I have been a busy girl over the past few days and have a lot to share! First are two dishcloths. The first one is a Round Dishcloth - I took a pattern that was made for front post double crochets - left them off and just did as a round dishcloth without those stitches - so there is no pattern for the first one.

The second one is a square dishcloth - I got this in a booklet of patterns from Ravelry. It was a purchased pattern booklet.

I am still working on 12" squares for different exchanges and trying out new patterns. The first picture the square on the left is called "Robbie's Angel" and I added a flower motif to make the center of the square POP! The square on the right is called "Esther's Square" and I found the pattern on line

Next two squares. The one on the left is called Kaleidoscope Blossom and I found it on line. And on the right another Robbie's Angel square with another flower embellishment in the middle

The next square is called Bloomin Lace and I found the pattern on line The yarn I used for the white petals may not have been a good choice - as it looks more like the Sun to me than a flower!

And next is a Butterfly Square - if you look closely the little open sections look like the wings of a butterfly! I also found this pattern on line - it is called Butterfly Square.

I got involved in a chemo hat drive for a designer I like on line. She sells on Etsy and posts on Facebook. Her shop is called RAJK Designs. She makes some lovely hat patterns and various other things. Well I made up a few hats for her chemo hat drive. This was a true blessing to help out in a small way. As of this post she had received 187 hats for the charity! I used just a simple hat pattern and did them up in darker colors in a young boy's size.

Next is a little butterfly bookmark. I found this pattern on line as well. It had a great symbol chart that was wonderfully detailed.

Next is a little walker bag I made for one of the ladies at the nursing home where my sister in law Kathy works. So far I have made a few for the ladies of this nursing home and they are a hit! They are so appreciative of the attention and the personal item just for them.

And last but by no means least is another Jazzie Skinny Scarf - I love this pattern - also free on line. I did this up in a really weird yarn I got. It is called tartan yarn and is blue, red and green in color - but the yarn goes from thread thickness to slightly bulky - it's weird! I pulled from two skeins at once to give it more thickness but it is still very lightweight and airy feeling and looking. I think it came out nice.

That is it for now - thanks for looking and come back soon!

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