Thursday, July 14, 2011

Different items!

Well this is a hodge podge of items today to share!

First are two squares I made up for an exchange. I used the square pattern from Robbie's Angel and then added a simple butterfly motif to each square.

Next is an adorable cat bookmark! I found the pattern at Cat Bookmark

Next is a simple ribbed scarf. I got some Homespun Lion Brand Yarn from a friend and didn't know what to do with it. Went to the Lion Brand site and found this pretty scarf pattern - very simple - that uses the texture of this yarn wonderfully! I am calling it ribbed scarf but that is not what the website called it!

Now onto my garden again! Last year my pink calla lily bloomed - this year it is the white one that bloomed! They look so elegant to me!

And last part of the post for today is the box of gifts I sent to my craft exchange partner Eileen in California! Most of the items I have shared on previous posts. I made her a Cascade scarf in white, a lacy summer scarf in yellow, a easy shells scarf in blue, a jazzie skinny scarf in peach, a folded rose scarf in deep red, two hot hats, a dishcloth, a facial scrubbie and mmmm what else was in that box! Too Funny - she has it now and said she was in scarf heaven! So I am happy that she liked them. The craft tote she made for me is a treasured gift. But to be completely honest this new friend I have found in Eileen is the best gift I could have received from this exchange! The tote is just icing on the cake of friendship!


Anonymous said...

grin...well I say the same thing every time...but your work is just awesome! I love the butterflies and I adore the cat bookmark! Can I find it online?

Deborah Misfit said...

Emma - the link is right there above the Cat Bookmark picture - if you move your mouse over the words in the text section - it should change to a hand - I think! that will allow you to click on the link. Whenever I can I always share the link right before you see the picture! Thanks for the sweet words as always!