Friday, June 24, 2011

Bunches of Completed Things!

Well again I have a bunch of things that have been finished!

The first two items are two scarves that I made for an exchange - actually these are the first of five scarves I am making for this exchange. The scarf on the left when folded up looks like a rose! And the one on the right is called Jazzie Skinny Scarf. Both scarves I have made before - and the patterns are noted in those posts.

Next is the third of five scarves. The pattern for this one can be found at: Easy Lacy Shells Scarf

And here is scarf number four for the exchange. My creation looks a little different since I used a different yarn - but I still like the way it came out and it's so soft! The pattern can be found here: Cascade Scarf

Now onto to a cutie - well maybe! This is a wish gift for someone on one of my groups. It is a kitty cat that holds plastic bags in her skirt! I'm a bit disappointed in the sewing on the face and the ears - but I suppose everyone sees their own mistakes. The pattern is called Baggy Cat from Crochet World Magazine and I found it on line.

Next is a varigated star shaped throw in red white and blue yarn. The pattern can be found here: Little Star Afghan

Now onto a little project - a cute set of coasters. The pattern can be found here: Aruba Coaster

And last but by no means least is a pair of hand made felted slippers in pink! They were a gift from a new friend in Australia! They are beyond comfortable.

That is all for now! Thanks for looking.


Martha said...

Heart sister
very very nice new work, some of course I recognized as I may have been the firs to have them :) Keep up the amazing wonderful work!
Love you,

♥emma stormy♥ said...

As always, everything is just beautiful! love your work!!