Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beautiful Sunset on the Island!

This template comes from Tracy at Tracy's Scraps. It was lovely to work with and I enjoyed it immensely. The scrap kit I used came from Crystal at Scrappy Inspirations Isn't it pretty? And the lovely lady comes from Mitch Foust! He is a fantastic artist and allows you to use his work with credit to his website for free without massive changes to his work. I thank everyone for feeding my frenzy for working in Paint Shop Pro!

I have called it "Temptation"!

I hope the creators of the template, the scrap kit and the lovely artist who created the lady like my attempt at this project.



Crystal said...

Wow hun, I really like what you've done with the mini kit! You've got a lot of wonderful things here on your blog, which shows you've got a great imagination! Thank you so much for showing off my work like you have, I love it! :-) Keep up what you're doing here, it all looks fabulous! I'll be chacking back!

Tracy said...

Great job on the layout! Thanks for using my template. :D