Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shawl, Nerdle the Turtle and C.D.Corn

Now isn't that an odd Title for this post! Giggling all the way!!!

Here I am again with more completed projects. First is a shawl I made for one of the local nursing home residents. I began to follow a pattern and then didn't like it so changed it along the way and of course I didn't write anything down, but it is just a simple double crochet and chains with my imagination kicked in here and there!

Two pictures - one shown fully spread out and one wrapped around the person.

Next is a little dishcloth I made. The pattern was a free bonus with an order from a online store. I need to remember which one!

Next is my version of Nerdle the Turtle dishcloth and coasters! This pattern was found on Ravelry - it is a purchase pattern but very reasonable! I think they came out adorable - but I'm partial to turtles!

Dishcloth first:

Four coasters next:

And last for this post is C.D.Corn - I found this pattern on line! As I was making him, I couldn't stop laughing! He is just so funny looking to me! And he looked so mad till I sewed on the smile! Hope you makes you laugh as much as he made me laugh!

Thanks for looking and I'll be back soon with more.

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