Friday, September 23, 2011

Stuff for ME! and some other things too!

I finished two shawls and a vest for me! I am so happy with each of these - each one is special for a different reason.

The first is the Magnificent Mantle pattern - I did it in eldeberry merino wool! It is so soft and so cuddly. It's a soft light purple color. The pattern can be found HERE The first picture shows you the shawl fully spread out and the next picture shows you what it looks like in the front and I think it shows you a better view of the color. I did leave off a few rows on the bottom since I was running low on this wool!

Next is 1970's style vest. I did it in Red Heart Soft the color is called Waterscape. It's blues and browns. You can find the pattern HERE

Next is the yarn I got from the shop on Etsy called Yarns of Italy - I love their stuff. It's gorgeous yarn, soft and squishy and so beautiful to crochet! The pattern is called January Snow Day Scarf (but you can increase the width for a shawl versus a scarf. I'm sorry I don't have the link, but if you search for that name you should be able to find it.

Next are some more scarves. First is another version of the Windowpane Scarf I shared in a previous post.

Next is a scarf made of a russet soft wool - it's very pretty and so soft!

And last of the scarves is one called Shell Scarf - I think I may have shared this before but it was still in the file so I'm sending it through again!

And finally for this post is my swap items that I made for a Halloween swap. There is a little Ami ghost, a small spider that can be hung up by some fishing line and a little candy basket. Sorry the picture isn't that great but it was overcast and raining and the house was dark.

That is it for now - be back soon with more!


Martha said...

Those are all so beautiful. Love some of the fall colors, too. And especially love that some are for me! The only thing good about the weather changing is that I get to wear my scarf collection again!
I love you....

River Glorious said...

I like those shawls... Too bad it's too hot here in the tropics for shawls all year long!