Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update on the Lapghan Process and some completed things

Update on the Lapghan process - the lapghan main color is done as is the edging! Below is a picture of it! I think it came out very nice and it is so warm. The color looks more realistic in the 2nd picture - the sun darkened the color in this first picture.

This picture is a close up of the basket stitch and the edging. Next step is the flowers for the corners.

Next item now in the completed category is a 100% wool afghan. These little skeins were small and I had many of them - then I also used 100% wool in white and cornmeal for the edging. This yarn was a donation to me for the items I make for our local nursing home. This lapghan will be delivered tomorrow to it's new owner!

Next is another baby ripple afghan - I did this one with baby weight yarn. It is so pretty! It is going up for sale on my Facebook page!

Next is a simple lace weave scarf - otherwise known as a skinny scarf. Very easy and very quick. I like the color and texture of this yarn - very soft! I think my heart sister will love it.

And last is a little pot protector I got to test the pattern - it separates your pots from one another when you stack them in the cabinet - that way they don't scratch the inside of the pot or pan.

Be back soon with more, of course!

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