Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, well, well, it seems as though we have a profanity problem at my work! Yeah right, as if I hadn't noticed that in two years here! It looks like the management has decided to do something about it - never too late I say! They are changing the company policies and adding that into it. It should do some good to some people. We do have customers visit and other visitors at times. You never actually know who will be here - so it's probably a good idea. And I have noticed myself when I hang around with the "boys" for too long, I get that way too. So it'll help me too!

Some of the other changes I don't know about - but I've overheard some things. Looks like some more benefits - which is always good. And maybe some stronger wording on some things. I'll just have to be surprised when I see it like everyone else. I'm not included in this function - but I'm okay with it. I've learned my lesson about a lot of things recently even though it was a tough lesson to learn. But things have quieted down with that and my boss and I seem to be getting along okay - my feelings are still very very raw and I think rightly so. But then again I probably needed a kick in the pants for telling tales. Even if it was pillow talk with my husband....which I think everyone does. But it got turned on us when he made a sillly comment that even didn't state what he knew just that he agreed with someone about something - so now we know and we are doing differently.

Oh well, time to end the Profanity post today - wonder if I should end it with a cuss word? ROFL!!!

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