Friday, June 8, 2007

I hate meetings!

Oh well, I hate meetings. Screwed up again! What has happened to me since I moved here. I was never like this! I was the most organized, confidental, appropriate work environment person everyone I knew said so! I was completed and award for my confidentality. I don't understand what has gotten into me. For some reason I felt the need to repeat something - well gossip I suppose is the right word. And I got caught at it! How utterlly horrible. I know I have told some stuff before, but I always knew where it would go. I remember when I worked at the bank in MA that I had (still do thank goodness) a great friend and we could talk about anything. For some reason down here that is all different. They get some information and blow it out of propriation and pass it around like a new treat. Almost like they can't wait to see it come back and bite you where you shouldn't get bitten! It stinks and I could use other words but I won't! I'm so upset over this. My boss called me into the office yesterday about it. By the way I have multiple bosses. The one, a young woman, very nice - actually I really do like it. Well she was very diplomatic and told me what had happened and what she felt was the problem and that I needed to immediately fix it and see that it didn't happen again. I did verbally agreee with her; and even though I don't want to admit it, I also privately in my mind agreed with her. I made a bad decision. But the person I told should have kept my secret! God help that person! Well I talked to that person later on and told him in no uncertain terms that I was beyond annoyed. I was embarrased, scared for my job, his job, etc. I don't know if it will do any good, but I will no longer share work related information with him. Now to tell you who it is - my own husband!!! I can't believe he told a story out of our private life. As I felt, like most married couples feel, I'm sure, that you can talk to your husband about work, but the subject matter stays between the two of you. He may have slipped. He may have accidentally blurted out something and someone put two and two together - but that's beside the point. I will not put myself in that situation again! I will not tell him anything to do with work that isn't public knowledge. So with that in mind, I'm still seething about it. How could that person, whoever it was, do that to me. Go in and tell my boss whatever they said to her to make her meet with me like that. I am beyond embarrassed, I'm hurt. It's a small group of people and believe it not I have analyzed and narrowed it down to three people. I couldn't possibly be more hurt. The three that could have done it - I thought were friends - well at least I thought they cared. I've been here almost two years and I thought I had a few friends, not necessarily deep long term lasting forever friendships.......but at least nice people that might come to me if they saw I did something wrong. Goodness me - I can't believe it - I'm so hurt by this. I have fed them home made goodies, bought them in special treats, etc. Never again - even though I think that even to me, sounds mean. But I just can't do it. To imagine I've done that special stuff - even made home made treats that they requested - nope, no way, no how. Not again. I'm sitting her seething and hurt. I don't even want to see those three people! HOW DARE THEY!!!!

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