Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Added a new cutie to my Blog

I went to a blogger's website today - for some freebies for a scrap project; and she had the cutest thing out there - A CLOCK! No one seems to know what time zone I am in - so I put it on my blog and I'll point them out here now! COOL!

I'm doing okay - things are still rough between the husband and me - sometimes I wonder how anyone is to cope with this. And sometimes I wonder how many other people are coping with the same thing. It's horrible how living with someone can totally change your feelings about them. There are times I want to run away, times I want to hide, and sometimes I want to just chuck it all! Who knows where will be. We have lived through some tough things, but when does it get easier? Ever?

Well I also haven't said anything about my passion - well I suppose you could call it a hobby? Who knows! I love it - PSP - I work in Paint Shop Pro a lot and create tags for people on some yahoo groups. Tags are little picture graphics with a theme and their name on them that you can insert into emails to show something special about you. It's a lot of fun and I do so love it!

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Michelle T. said...

Hi Deborah!
Great Blog, Hun, I wish I knew more about the digital scrapbooking, I scrapbook, But it's not digital! Hope You are having a Great Day!
Hugs, michelle T.