Sunday, August 7, 2011

What else? More completed projects!

Okay let's see what I've got to share - first just some more squares that I have been working on for swaps. This one is just a simple granny type square.

This next picture is of Christmas squares for a swap. I am so enjoying creating and receiving these swaps!

Next two items are some bath poufs I am working on for a spa swap as well just to make them for stash and gifts. I found both patterns by looking for bath crocheted items.

The first one is a flower shaped pouf that I really like!

The second is a pouf more like the nylon ones you get in the store - this was a bit hard to for me to make - well really more time consuming. You do 27 loops and then put 10 loops in each of the 27 loops! For a total of 270 loops - YIKES! Busy work! But it did come out nice!

Next, of course, are some more scarves! I've decided to call myself "The Scarf Princess!" The first one is for my heart sister. It is called Medallion Scarf and was in one of the crochet magazines.

The next one is called Lush Lace Scarf and I bought it on line through Sweater Babe It works up very quickly and is great for that one lonely skein you have left of something! Or maybe splurge and buy one of those hand dyed skeins and enjoy yourself! This is a surprise for someone on a swap so I can't say who! It's a secret - SSSSHHHHHHH!

And last for this post is a tote bag I also made for a swap - the person I got likes autumn colors so I hope she likes it. I'm a little nervous about it. I added a line of leaves and the flower to the side of the bag. I got the pattern for the tote at Crochet Tote Bag I got the pattern for the flower on another site - the link is one of my old posts - it is called Crocus Flower.

Be back soon with more! As a P.S. thanks to my hubby Harry for all the picture taking! It's hard work with me giving him move it an inch this way - no that way - oh goodness that doesn't look right - mmm what now! He laughs thank goodness!

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Martha Dickey said...

*my love, I cannot keep up with you! Your work is amazing as always and I love the scarf that is for me, I love the other one too and someone will be lucky to have it....I will never get tired of my scarves, and in fact, it is the only thing about the cold weather that I like!! I get to wear my scarves again!
Keep up the good work, it's amazing, as you are!