Friday, October 31, 2008

Kathy's Halloween Costume

Now some of you know this but my crazy sister in law, Kathy, works at a Hospital in the cafeteria as a Cook. She really enjoys working there. Well one of the things they can do is dress up for Halloween! So.....of course....Kathy did! She dressed up as a Zombie Doctor. She wore a green surgery smock, and we spray painted her hair green and SPIKED it! She carried Calla Lillies and blacked her face. When she got to work she was going to put on a mask. We took a few pictures of her here on the couch! She looks so cool in person. Hope you all laugh as much as we did. And we all hope her co-workers and anyone who sees her in the Kitchen laughs too!



Happy Halloween!


Deltapdawn said...

It's me again:

Anonymous said...

She's a hoot. Love the green spike a do....