Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kathy and her Supervisor

My sister in law, Kathy, helps a lady that breeds Maine Coon Cats. Well this picture is a perfect example of what Kathy does. She was preparing to give the first shots to the newest litter of kittens and she had a supervisor! Miss SnowBerry decided to see what Kathy was doing. She checked out each needle, each bottle as it was put down and even sniffed Kathy's hand at one point. We think Kathy must have done well, because SnowBerry didn't object and watched intently. If only all supervisors were so quiet and so adorable!


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Anonymous said...

Absolutely have to agree that Miss Snowberry is a model supervisor; while she makes sure Kathy is getting the job done, she also was able to keep her mouth quiet. An interesting combo for a supervisor, for sure. Thanks for sharing. Kathy looks great, btw.