Monday, April 9, 2012

Sandwich Dishcloth, Roses and a Square

I had so much fun making this first item - well items - I made two slices of bread dishcloths and then an egg shaped dishcloth for a swap - I am still laughing over it - hope you laugh too! I found both patterns on the web by searching for Bread Dishcloth and Egg Dishcloth (the egg was actually an amigurami with the yolk part stuffed but I adapted it).

This first picture is of just the bread slice.

This next picture is of the egg on the bread.

And, finally, here is the Egg Sandwich!!

Are you laughing yet?

Next is a bunch of dark red roses I made for a friend. The pattern is called Long Stemmed Roses and I found it through a google search.

And finally is a square I made for a swap. I took an afghan pattern and just made the one square, but did it Tunisian Crochet. This was my first try at changing colors - I had a few issues - but the receiver says its lovely - so I'll take her word for it! The pattern was called Bunny Square I think - I didn't save it - but I found it through a google search.

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