Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's me again back with some more completed projects. First is tea cozy I made for a friend - it is similiar in colors to the other one I made a while back - but thought I'd share it anyways! I got the pattern on line by searching for Tea Cozy.
Second is a bunch of daisies I made also for a friend. They are a bit top heavy and I think I will change them if I do them again to make sure that doesn't happen. The person is pleased and is going to work out something to make them stand taller. If you bend the stems in half they stand a bit better. This is a pattern from Lily - the cotton yarn manufacturer.
Third are two flower squares. The pink and purple centered on is from a book but the other one is from Luba Davis - you can find her patterns on etsy! They are very well written and she has some lovely squares and other items for sale as patterns.
Last is a tote bag for me! It is from Crochet! Magazine - from a set called A Day at the Beach - I really like how long and roomy it is - it fits great with me in my wheelchair. And it's pink so of course I love it!

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Lulu said...

beautiful flowers and tea cozy..