Thursday, March 8, 2012

Squares, Ami and Monkey Hat!

The first completed items I wanted to share is six - 12" flower themed squares for one of my friends on my swapping list.

Next is another flower square for a swap I am doing. But I mostly took the picture to show the friend who made me the blocking board! So I can make sure my 12" squares are actually 12"!!! I love it!

By the way, all of the flower squares are free patterns on line - search for flower square and you will find a LOT of them!

Next is a little kitty amigurami I made for a gift for a friend. The pattern I found on line - it is called ChiChi Kitty.

And last, but no way lease, is a Monkey Hat I made for my heart nephew! I so enjoyed making it! Also, this was a free pattern - I searched for Monkey Hat and found one that was available in all sizes!

That is it for now - thanks for looking.

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