Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life and it's ups and downs

Life is such a trip! Easiest way to put it! I am playing with government forms and lovely government yuck is the only way to put it. Why do they ask the same question 47 times in 47 different ways? Are they trying to catch me? Are they just bored? Who thinks up these forms????? Never mind legal ease - I need a psychiatrist just to answer a question!

Making difficult decisons lately - and hurting about all of them. Left my prayer chain at church - just felt it a burden. And praying should never be a burden. Also told the pastor that I am unable to continue doing the presentation at the moment for Sunday Celebration Services. Just feel lost and confused and need to step back from responsibilities for a while and decide what's best for me. If I sit still - Yes God I am listening - and actually listen to what He says - Maybe I'll get it! Because lately I'm feeling overwhelmed with responsibilites and have no time for me. Praying for peace, decision making and help with guidance in this red tape nonsense.

Ups, downs, in betweens, etc - it's all out there and in here too - I just need to find the right track for me and get on it!

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