Monday, March 30, 2009

The Generosity of Children

My heart is full - so full it's about to burst. Our church, small in size - but HUGE in heart - invited a group of children from a Florida based christian school up her for a mission trip. They were to work on needs in the community. One need was a member of our church who is having a baby, and needed to redo a room to have space for the baby. Another member a single mother with three boys needed some repair work to her home done - her roof, insulation and siding. And my family - of which I didn't know this was going to happen - got a new deck and a new wheelchair ramp for me! I am thrilled beyond words. These children did almost all of the work - of course, at their age - teenagers - they are not permitted to use electric tools. But they ripped our old porch and stairs/ramp and helped nail down and measure the boards. They were friendly, open, very sweet and worked very hard. Our church also had them to services on Sunday and to a dinner after church. They say they want to come back as they we very welcomed here and enjoyed the friendship and fellowship. I hope they do and I would love to go to visit them as well in Florida. Our church has some pictures of the event at - enjoy! God's Blessings on those lovely children!

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