Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's your Halloween Personality?

This was just too much fun!

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

You're a friendly person, but not the life of the party. You like making someone else's day - and you'll dress up if you think of a really fun costume.

Sneaky and devious, people should really watch out for you. You are usually underestimated and forgotten.

Your inner child is full of wonder and very sweet.

You fear people taking advantage for you. You are always worried about protecting your own interests.

You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.

You are a traditionalist with most aspects of your life. You like your Halloween costume to be basic, well made, and conventional enough to wear another year.


Ms. Kari said...

Let's go Red Sox!!!!!

Bunny Cates, said...

*sigh* I wish people would quit doing these things.. now Im going to have to go see what MY Personality is! lol!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Valeria said...

Great work.