Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Merry Maines - A Shaggy Cat Story

I just read the most incredible cat book! While I wholeheartedly have enjoyed the Warrior Series - this book is more from the home and hearth. It touched me deep within my heart of hearts. I adore cats and have always felt that they are communicating. The Merry Maines - A Shaggy Cat Story - put the words out there for the cats and for the cat lovers as well. I deeply appreciated the cat knowledge as well as the sheer fun of the story. Bad guys, good guys, and that was just within the cattery! If you have a love of cats, books, mystery, fun, anything you will find it in this book. A sheer pleasure from the first page. I can't wait for the sequel to see what the gang has been up to! I give it 5 PAWS UP!!!!


You can go to Amazon - Garnet Quinn to get the book. In some places they have spelled her name as Gartnet Quinn.

Now, I'll tell you a little secret.....shhhhhh....don't tell anyone.....I know the author!!! Garnet Quinn - great lady - and an all around Cat Lover Extraordinaire!!!


Candle said...

I really must read the book, love my kitties.

A. Uth said...

Please tell Ms. Quinn her book is wonderful! Needs proofreading, though -- a minor quibble. I enjoyed her book and am looking forward to the next. I posted a 5-star review on Amazon, as did others. :-)

talpianna said...

Dear Princess--I read and enjoyed THE MERRY MAINES very much; I then searched for the author but found nothing except your remark that you know her. Could you please put her in touch with me? If you or she posts her e-mail address on my blog http://fluffycatbabylon.blogspot.com/ I will respond and delete the address at once so it won't be public. Or you can contact me and send my reply to her.

The reason I ask is that I want to recommend the book both to an editor at The Mystery Guild and to a literary agent whose online blog I follow; but I would rather have her permission before doing so. I think that it definitely deserves a wider circulation and she should have representation for the second and any subsequent books--of which I hope there are many.

Anonymous said...

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